Method of Referencing

If we look at the mounting volume of research now days, we can visualize that the pattern of the dissertations, which are being written by researchers and doctoral students across the world, are dissimilar to each other. Even if the context and the nature of study are the same, they are very different to each other. The reasons behind these dissimilarities are the styles of referencing the academic institutions or universities follow. There are some particular reasons behind these different referencing styles. Several communities of researchers try to display their works in different formats. While choosing the formats, they embark upon several referencing styles. There are well-known referencing styles available, like American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), Chicago style, Harvard style, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) etc. Every year these styles are modified and are given with version numbers. Various academic societies and institutions follow various versions of these referencing styles. Most of the time researchers and doctoral students face problems regarding these different versions of referencing styles being followed in academic institutions, and their works are either rejected or being revised several times due to this.

We, at Dissertation India, experienced this problem among the researchers based in India. To overcome this, our subject experts have collaborated with a huge number of academic institutions in India, and over a period, they have gained the acquaintance with the referencing methods being followed in those institutions. Hence, it has become easier for us to assist the researchers regarding the methods of referencing. While doing the literature review, we maintain a consistency in the referencing format so that the referencing style can be maintained until the end of the document. Usage of LATEX has made our service more effective.

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