7 tricks to avoid plagiarism in your dissertation

Copying others thoughts and ideas and pasting it on your own papers without any addition from your side is known as plagiarism. Plagiarism not only thwarts the uniqueness of the write-ups, but also pulls back the standards of its originality and is the major reason of failure too in higher studies like PhD. Thus, no one appreciates a plagiarized write-up. However, it’s not enough to know what plagiarism is, but it’s more important to know about the tricks to avoid it in your dissertation. Below mentioned are 7 top sharing ones –

  1. Never copy and paste directly from the source – Copy- paste clearly tells that there is nothing new as of yours. Thus, avoid copying and pasting the texts directly from the source in your dissertation. Rather, you can open separate pages for different sources to keep a record of information’s you are undertaking. Also, never forget to add citation to the information copied or link the URL with it.
  2. Keep your side notes separate – Jot down running notes while you are in researching phase. This will give you number of thoughts and ideas of your own that is when framed in the form dissertation will give it an exceptional coverage.
  3. Paraphrase – Once you are done with your researching and reading part. Frame your learning’s in your own words rather than copying the same from the source. In case you copy then never forget to avoid copying more than two words together or else put the copied text in the quotation marks, this will exemplify your text as a quote that is obviously from a source behind.
  4. Cite – It is easy to avoid plagiarism through citation. Follow the formatting style like MLA, Chicago and APA. These typically include date of publication, name and other details of the author, of course of the text source.
  5. Citing your own text – It may sound odd, but it’s true that your, self written text but in any other notes or class notes, if copied in any other write-up is considered as self plagiarized content. Thus, citing your own text is necessary with your past details.
  6. Add reference – To be more authentic add a reference page at the end of your dissertation that includes title, date of publication and details of source as per your university guideline.
  7. Avoid peer papers – Do not read your friend’s papers for suggestion as you may fetch any idea and copy in your own without detailing it source, unknowingly.

Thus, we suggest you to be precise, but be exclusive.

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