Set up a daily schedule for your dissertation proposal

The time required for a dissertation to complete is often underestimated as most students make the mistake of researching and collecting information for most of the time and keep the most arduous task of writing until the last minute. This pressure can be overcome if the individual concerned sets a realistic daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule for himself in the form of dissertation schedule. The easiest way to perform such task is to designate a person to whom such work can be reported on a regular basis. There are various dissertation write-ins, boot camps and gatherings that provide valuable assistance to students during the writing procedure. The student should set a daily schedule for himself to keep a check on his regular performance. A productive writing space should be chosen where the student can devote maximum time and concentration on developing his dissertation work.

Essential elements of a dissertation proposal

The elements in a dissertation proposal are what bring the essence of the entire data with each one being linked to the other. It is essential for the proposal to show the overall plan of the dissertation which will make the dissertation more informative and provide a brief outline of the entire topic. The basic elements include:

  • Choosing a topic in line with the research question, the summary being written in accordance with the research topic. The abstract should be clear and unambiguous so as to bring out the purpose of the dissertation.
  • The table of contents should include a brief information about the proposal section to have an idea of what lies ahead in the entire dissertation work. This will enable the dissertation committee to understand the contents of the dissertation.
  • There should be a research methodology section where an explanation should be provided about the research tools, instruments and the methods used in collecting the research information. The limitations faced while making such ground work and the reasons for the choice of a certain method should also be stated.
  • A specific timeline schedule should be included to determine the progress of the entire dissertation work and the estimated time period for completion of the entire work.
  • The conclusion is inclusive of all information relating to the proposal, the topic, summary, abstract, important points, research limitations and the ultimate findings.

Following these basic guidelines will help every individual to write a dissertation proposal with accuracy.

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