Checking Plagiarism

If we look at India, then we can visualize that the volume of research taking place in this country is at a mounting phase. Being faced with several socio-economic issues, the researchers are on the move to encounter those problems. Therefore, the research output from various academic institutions and universities are on a rise. However, not the entire research output is groundbreaking, as most of them are incremental in nature. While going for incremental research, researchers try to replicate existing studies in diverse contexts. In the course of these types of studies, researchers have to take care of the ethical validation of the researches they conduct as this is the area, where most of the allegations regarding plagiarism come into the picture. This not only devalues the research conducted by the researcher but also degrades the position and prestige of the researcher among the community of researchers.

We, at Dissertation India, have felt this impending issue of undesired plagiarism among the community of budding researchers. Therefore, we have come up with the plagiarism checking service. With the help of our experienced academic experts, we ensure that no plagiarism appears at any stage of the dissertation writing. To ensure this, we follow the following steps:

  1. While designing a research model, we carry out thorough literature review and provide proper reference of the sources.
  2. Once the research design is done, we move to the research methodology part, and here we strive to stick to original research methodology. If adaptation from any earlier methodology is done, proper reasons and credentials are provided.
  3. We provide proper sources of data so that copyright related issues do not crop up.
  4. Once the entire dissertation is written, the entire document is passed through Copyscape, which ensures the originality of the work.

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