Make a targeted research report

Not every report can be outstanding, nor every writer can be effective. A good report requires a lot of hard work, ground work, care and dedication. All that the writer needs to do is to follow simple steps so as to put his ideas in a simple and crisp manner, so that every reader can understand the report. The author must keep asking simple questions before writing the report. What is to be done and why? For whom is the report being targeted and in what form they require it?

Determine the aim or objective of the report. Whether you are making some statements or sharing a new process through your report put it forward. Make it clear whether you are projecting a new idea or reviewing the past. Put the aim of the report and research question in the introduction part itself. An author must always consider his readers while writing the report. The reader must be informed about the background of the topic so as to read the report without any confusion.

To finally put it in simple terms, determine the purpose of the report and keep the reader in your mind. Keep the report as simple as possible; not too lengthy. Follow the logic and order. Edit and format the report to make it meaningful and attractive.


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